Joining the Choir

There are three Just in Time Choirs. The Unplugged group is an un-auditioned choir of around 55 singers, the Jems are an auditioned group of about 12-16 women, and Vocal Minority is an auditioned SATB group of about 12-16 advanced singers. Auditions for the Jems and Vocal Minority are held in June for the upcoming year. The choirs offer a safe, warm, encouraging, uplifting environment where singers of all experience levels are welcome.

Typically, we rehearse for 12 weeks (Fall and Spring sessions) then perform in early December and mid-April.

To join the Unplugged group, all you need is a desire to sing. Whether you are an experienced singer or even if you’ve never sung in a choir before, you will be welcome. Sheet music and practice recordings are provided to help you learn your part. Simply complete the registration form, pay your fees, and you’re in!

To audition for the Jems or Vocal Minority, please see the Audition Information page.