Just in Time Fees

Welcome to our payment page.

NOTE:  Please make sure you have filled out the registration form before you pay your fees, even if you are a returning member.

Fees for the current term are due by first rehearsal.

On-line payments may be made either through eTransfer or via credit card. If you are paying fees for more than one choir, please refer to the table below for relevant costs.  

Note:  After the first choir, each additional choir fee is reduced by $25.
If requesting a subsidy for fees, the request must be made prior to or at registration.

eTransfer Payment

The choir can now take payments via interac eTransfer to jitpayments3@gmail.com. We use the local Credit Union as our bank so you may be charged by your bank for the transfer.
Interac requires a question and answer as a password when sending your fees.  You will be sent the password when you first register.  Please ensure that you check the “paying by eTransfer” box however.

PLEASE NOTE:  Make sure your name is clearly displayed in the memo field of your payment to enable us to credit the correct choir member.

Credit Card Payment

If you want to pay with a credit card the choir charges you our credit card fees. This is to defray the cost to the choir of this service.
Relavent charges are as follows:
Credit Card
Unplugged $125.00 $129.04
Jems $150.00 $154.79
Jems + Unplugged $250.00 $257.78
Vocal Minority $150.00 $154.79
Vocal Minority + Unplugged $250.00 $257.78


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