Choir in the time of COVID

The Just in Time Choirs format has been adapted for Fall 2020 to meet current government guidelines and to sing together as safely as possible. For now, we are going forward with a hybrid model and will be focusing on rehearsing harmonies for the songs on the setlist. Singers have the choice to sing In-Person/Online OR Online only. 

All participants bring their own mask, music, pencil, drink container, chair, and music stand (optional) as required. Participants may also bring their own hand sanitizer.

Unplugged In-Person/Online:

We will have a maximum of 36 in-person Unplugged spots and those singers will be divided into 2 consistent Cohorts of up to 18 singers. We will sing masked and spaced apart at a minimum of 2m and follow Safety Protocols as described below. Each Cohort will meet in-person at the Little Red Church every 2nd week, alternating with each other. The Cohort that is not meeting in-person that week is expected to participate in the Online version of the rehearsal for that week so that we can continue to progress forward. Each Cohort will consist of Soprano, Alto and Baritone (Basses and Tenors combined) singers and be grouped for the best balance possible. (Singers have the option to identify a cohort buddy below if there’s someone they’d like to be in the same group as them – we will do our best to accommodate.) If at anytime an In-Person/Online singer needs to move to Online only, no problem.

Unplugged Online Only:

There is no limit to how many singers we can accommodate as Online Only participants. Everyone is welcome (returning or new) and there are no auditions. Online rehearsals will be live streamed via Zoom at the actual rehearsal time AND recorded to be viewed at a later time in the week if necessary. Singers are asked to remain “on top of” rehearsals from week to week to ensure steady progress. Singers participating from home can pose questions in the Zoom Chat in real time. However, due to Zoom’s audio latency limitations, singers participating Online will need to have their computer/device microphones muted.

Jems and VM

Jems and VM auditioned choirs are not accepting new singers at this time. Both the Jems and VM rehearsals will be formatted the same. Each group will have about 10-12 singers. Singers can participate In-Person or Online. Those that are comfortable meeting In-Person masked and spaced will meet every week at the Little Red Church. The rehearsals will be live-streamed and recorded for those that choose to participate Online only. Jems, please note that the rehearsal day has changed to Thursdays.

Safety Protocols and Pre-Rehearsal Questionnaire

All members participating in person will be required to fill out a form with the following questions for each rehearsal.

You can view and download Safety Protocols via this link…