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We are always very happy to welcome new members to our choirs and in an effort to assist you with any questions you may have, we have put together this welcome page which will hopefully head you in the right direction. 

If, after reading this information, you’re still unsure about anything, please just ask a choir member and they will be more than happy to answer or introduce you to the appropriate person.

  • A welcome email is sent to all new members prior to commencement of the term.  You will be provided with the password to access the protected areas in the Just for Members section of the web site in this email, among other things.  Please make sure justintimechoirs@gmail.com does not go to your spam folder!
  • Many “first timer” questions are answered on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page which can be accessed via this link or the main menu.  A good place to start!
  • Each choir has a designated Choir Representative who can answer many of your questions.  Just ask a choir member and they will be able to introduce you to your choir rep.
  • We also have a Resource Materials page which provides all sorts of handy tips about performance, practising, music theory and also how to download practice tracks.  There is also information about handy apps to help you with the learning process.  You can access this page from this link or the Resource Materials menu item under Just for Members in the main menu.
  • We have a Facebook page for current and former choir members.  Please follow this link – Choir Members Facebook Group – click the Join button and you will be advised by the admin when your membership becomes active.
  • Schedule:  Typically, choirs practice one night a week for 12 weeks prior to the concert.  You are also expected to practise at home utilising practice tracks and scores which are posted to the web site under Just for Members prior to commencement of the term. 
  • Throughout the term, choir members get together for sectional practices.  For instance, a group of Altos will get together at a members’ home to practice and socialise.  These sectionals are not mandatory but they are an enormous help and all that attend them say that their performance improved due to attending sectionals.  And they’re fun.  Sectionals are announced at rehearsal and on the section FB pages.
  • Please view our Attendance Policy here.  
  • Additional information can also be found on the Joining the Choirs page.
So, again, welcome.  We are very much looking forward to singing with you.