Frequently Asked Questions

What are practice tracks? How do I use them?

Practice Tracks are located under the “Just for Members” Tab. The password was distributed via e-mail and paper to all JiT Singers. Practice Tracks are a learning tool – they are not a substitute for attending rehearsals. Changes may be made that aren’t reflected on PT’s as they are created early in the season and sometimes the music needs to be altered. It is recommended that singers listen to their voice PT’s with only the left channel (left earbud/speaker) for the first third to half of the term, then to add the right side while making sure that they can still hear their own voice. Gradually move to using the “All” tracks and even to other voices’ tracks to sing along with while maintaining their own part. It’s often fun to sing with the accompaniment track too. Singers are encouraged to wean off the PT’s by the last few rehearsals.

I have limited time. Am I expected to attend some or all of the extra activities?

All of the extra activities are optional and are not fund raisers. If your time is very limited, the sectional practices are most important.

How do I know what section of the choir I should be in?

If you’re not sure, see Wendy after rehearsal for a voice check.

How much should I practice apart from the weekly choir rehearsals?

Practising in small amounts of time over many sessions is more productive than cramming near the end of term. Try to spend time with your music 3-4 times for 15-20 min each week. Avoid singing everything beginning to end repeatedly – rather focus on small sections. (See the “Resource Materials” Tab for tips.)

How often am I expected to attend practices?

Please view our Attendance Policy here.

Why do we have to do physical warmups before singing at choir practices?

The voice is an instrument contained within our bodies. It works most effectively when the body and mind are free of tension. Physical warm-ups help us all arrive together in the space and settle into the work.

Why does the choir have to do fundraising? Aren’t our fees enough to cover costs?

​The choir Council  tries very hard to keep fees as low as possible. Fees and concert revenue cover the Operating Costs. We need to raise funds for enhancement activities such as participating in a choral festival, hosting a clinician, or other performance opportunities.

Does the choir offer subsidies? 

Enquiries regarding subsidies or possible assistance with fees can be directed to