Videos from some of our performances over the years

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Transformation Spring 2023 Jems Transformation Spring 2023 Vocal Minority
Transformation Spring 2023 Unplugged and Finale  
Colours Fall 2022 Jems Colours Fall 2022 Vocal Minority
Colours Fall 2022 Unplugged Colours Fall 2022 Finale


Resilience Spring 2022 Jems Resilience Spring 2022 Vocal Minority
Resilience Spring 2022 Unplugged Resilience Spring 2022 Finale

Road Trip Fall 2019 Men, Unplugged and Finale

Road Trip Fall 2019 Vocal Minority

Road Trip Fall 2019 Jems

Dream Spring 2019 Vocal Minority

Dream Spring 2019 Unplugged

Good Times Dec 2018 Part 1B Vocal Minority


Dream Spring 2019 Jems

Vocal Minority Let’s Dance!

​Good Times Dec 2018 Part 1A Jems

Unplugged – Finale Let’s Dance

Good Times December 2018 Part 2

Highlights – “Let’s Dance!” Dec. 2017. Video: Jabin Postal


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