Downloading Practice Tracks to an Apple Device

Scroll down to view a video of downloading and importing tracks to your device and using ForScore app

  • Go to on your phone or device
  • Sign in to the Just for Members page from the top menu
  • Select the track you wish to download
  • You should see the image below once the track has loaded. 

  • Make sure you see the secondary play bar as shown. 
  • Click the three dots at the right of the play bar, circled in red. 
    Some browsers are unable to display the three dots menu.  If yours is one of them you will need to save the file to your device rather than download.
  • A pop up will appear with the option to Download the file. 
  • Select download and once the download has completed, you should then be able to find the file by searching for it in your phones’ music library or your downloads folder. 
  • If in the downloads folder you will need to move it to your music folder although it should still play from the downloads folder depending on your phone or device.
  • If you are able to, saving the tracks you are downloading to a separate favourites folder or playlist makes it easy to find them.
  • These instructions should work for Apple and Android phones.

This quick video will show Apple users how to:

  • download practice tracks to your computer or device
  • import them to My Music
  • demo of the Apple App “For Score” (around $20), a tool for bringing your scores and practice tracks together into one place